My Hometown


My hometown is a place that brings me comfort.  It is a town of approx. 700.  It is a place where everyone knows everyone and probably their secrets, too.

My parents moved to this little town when I was 3 years old. We came from a large city. This was probably quite a shock to them when they first came.  I don’t even remember living in the city, so this little town is all I know.

I attended school here from kindergarten to senior year here in this little town.  I met my husband and got married in this little town.  I had my children and now they attending school in this little town.  I know the parents to all of my children’s friends because I probably went to school with them myself.

I love the sunset over hay fields and sitting at the local gas station eating an ice cream cone.  I know almost everyone in the grocery store when I go and we are true fans of the high school team.  I have been on every back road and swam in the local rivers and streams.  I have wonderful fond memories of this little town and it is close to my heart.

My hometown.


2 thoughts on “My Hometown

  1. When I read it, I could feel how much you love your hometown and how loyal you are to it. I lived in a tiny town for awhile and I know how lonely it can get but also how everyone sticks together and helps each other out. I felt like you were speaking from your heart and that, that was your intention.

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