Baby It’s Cold Outside

This is the song that came to mind to me today as I was thinking about Soundtrack Saturday.

On Monday, we had a high temperature of 70 degrees and then we have had a high in the 20s and 30s the rest of the week.  So, In honor of our cold front that has moved in this week.

It was a pleasant day inside my warm home today.  I put on a pot of yummy ham and beans and snuggled under a blanket the rest of the day.  It was the best.

Johnny and June

Today’s song for Soundtrack Saturday is “Johnny and June” by Heidi Newfield.

I love this song.  This song was written about the iconic couple, Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash.  Their story was a true love story.  Their story was portrayed in the movie “Walk the Line.”  It showed how the two were there for each other throughout the years and their many hardships.  Johnny and June were married for 35 years before June died in May of 2003.  Johnny died four months later.

This kind of love is very rare and hard to find.  However, just this very week I witnessed a love of this very kind.  In our little neighborhood, there was a couple that we knew through various avenues. The wife got sick and passed away last year.  Shortly, after her passing, my husband went up to visit with him.  My husband shared their conversation with me after he returned home that day.  He shared a heart touching story of their love and told my husband that he was a broken man.  He had lost his best friend.  His wife and him had been married for 50+ years. His companion and mother of his children was gone.  This week, the man passed away.  His daughter even said that she believes that he had died of a broken heart.

These types of love stories touch the heart and makes you believe that true love stories can last.

Raise Your Glass

I like the artist, PINK.  Her songs really make me want to sing and dance.  They are most certainly songs that have a good beat.

The song that I chose for today’s Saturday Soundtrack is PINK’s “Raise Your Glass.”

In regards to the lyrics and the meaning behind the song, I’m not really sure.  What I do know is that it makes me want to get up and sing and dance.  I love it!

My Daddy’s Song

My father was not a conceited man by all means but he sure loved to sing this song around the house.

When my father was alive, it wasn’t always a pleasant experience.  There were certainly times that living with an alcoholic father that were a challenge. But now that he is gone, I remember mostly the good times.  I remember being his little girl and hearing his laugh.  He never met a stranger.  He could talk to anyone.  He had no fear.  He never gave a thought to how other’s felt about him.  He lived his life and did his thing.

I wonder what it would be like to have him still here.  He never knew his children as adults.  He never knew his grandchildren.  I wonder what kind of grandfather he would have been.  There are times that I dream about him still being here and being a part of our lives.  I know that he loved us.  I know that he would be proud of all of us.

There will always be a part of me that misses him and dreams of what could have been. My heart aches when I think about how his lifestyle took him away from us way too early.

1011019_663406060340053_1559608119_n  My Daddy (Forever Missed)

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

I am a fan of so many types of music.  It is hard to narrow it down.  I love everything from 80’s, Country, Pop, Oldies, Goodies, and everything in between.

My pick today is Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.

This song just makes me happy. When I hear this song, I just want to sing along and dance.  It is one of those feel good songs that make you happy the minute you hear it.

This song has been featured in several popular movies that include: Remember the Titans, Stepmom, Sister Act, Bridget Jones’ Diary, and several others.