The Back Deck

My house has a wonderful large deck on the back.  This deck is probably 25 ft. long and has a lot of potential to be a haven after a day of chaos.  However, this space is a blank slate that I have never really given my decorator touch.  I have a vision in my mind what this space could look like and more importantly what ambiance it would create.

At this time, the deck isn’t covered.  This would be my first wish in regards to the deck.  I would love to be able to sit outside during a soft rain and enjoy.  It would also create a shaded area in those hot summer afternoons.  After adding a roof to my deck I would string some decorative globe lights to add some useful lighting while creating mood lighting.

Secondly, I would like to update my outdoor furniture.  I currently have a patio table with six woven chairs.  This is necessary for my family of six, in order for everyone to have a spot to sit. I would love to add a lounge chair that would make a great spot for outdoor napping.  This lounge chair would a have a thick cushion for comfort.  I would also like to add a side table in between two cushioned chairs for added seating.

I would like to have an outdoor rug that would offer a relaxing, comfortable living environment.  I want to have the coziness of the indoor spaces on my outside deck.

I can imagine myself grilling some delicious chicken breasts on the grill and sipping on a drink of my choice.  This space would be great for entertaining and hosting get-togethers.

My deck already has a great view with a overlooking view of the backyard that has been freshly mowed.  The smell of that cut grass fills the air along with the smell of the grill. Just beyond the yard, there is a small stream and a patch of trees that host small animals. It is a beautiful sight to watch.

One day I will have this area to enjoy, but for now I enjoy the vision in my dreams.