What’s Your Yolk

I am a mother of four.  I am a working mother of four.  I am a busy working mother of four.

Because of this, there are not many opportunities to spend quality one on one time with my kiddos.  I certainly get lots of family time with all six of us together and doing things, but there are times when just need to spend a day with one of the kids.

It is during these times that you really get to have conversations with your kids and get to know them the person.  Where you can have conversations that only relate to them and their interests, concerns, goals, and dreams. I have two boys and two girls.  Four children with completely different personalities.

My oldest son is a mystery to me.  He is very quiet and never really shares information about his thoughts with his father and I.  He loves to joke around with us, play games, and watch tv, but he vows to never have a serious conversation in his entire life.  (Let’s see how that works out for him.) He is 20 and still lives at home with us, but works 40 hours a week and is a member of the National Guard.  So, he is very responsible and pays his own bills.  We are very proud of him. There have been times that I have even said that I feel like I don’t even know him very well because of the fact that he doesn’t really talk about his feelings.  He is a hard egg to crack.


The next oldest is a daughter and she has become my best friend.  There was a time during her preteen years that I didn’t enjoy her attitude at all. But as time went by, she and I have become very close.  She was always willing to tell me every little detail of her day.  I never had to pull information from her. We enjoy shopping, cooking, watching tv, crafting, movie watching, and many other things.  She is almost 19 years old and she is growing into an independent woman.  When we have time together she was shares about her relationship, college classes, work and future plans. She is not a hard egg to crack; her yolk is all over.


The third in the list is another daughter that is in the midst of the preteen years.  She is at the stage where I am just now beginning to enjoy her after the preteen attitude has started to subside.  She has the most tender loving heart that I have every known.  She loves to please people and wants to make the people that she loves proud.  When I am able to spend time with her, she wants to go shopping or do crafts.  She loves to create and make things.  She is a soft boiled egg.


The baby of the family is a boy and he is completely hysterical.  He is the comic relief of the group.  I never know what he will say or do at times.  He is 10 years old and I completely love this age because he is starting to become his own person with his own thoughts about things.  He doesn’t really share much with me but when I get him alone, I am able to have conversations with him that I value a lot.  Just the other day, him and I went to town alone and he starts telling me about school and what he likes about it and what he doesn’t.  He starts telling me about books that they are reading in class and I just love it.  Then, he turns his conversations to things that his friends have told him and asks questions that he has.  In the end, our conversation turns to God and what heaven will be like.  This was the best time I have had in a very long time. He doesn’t much until I get him alone and then he softens.  He is a hard boiled egg.

2014-09-26 19.31.38

All of them so very different, but I enjoy each and every one of them.  I love spending time with them and being their mom.