On Top of the Rock

When I reflect on the places that I’ve been and the things that I’ve seen, one place in particular gives me the most peace.  This place is not somewhere that costs money or requires fancy clothes by all means.  However, it is the feeling that I get when I’m there that makes me love this area.

This place is Rocky Falls in Missouri.

rocky falls

Rocky Falls is a protected National Park that is a small place that is probably unknown to many.  It certainly isn’t easy to get to, but I guarantee you that the travel time will be worth it.

It seems that when my life gets at it’s most troublesome times, I want to go visit Rocky Falls.  There is something about this majestic place that heals me.  The natural waterfall almost feels that it is able to wash my worries away with it.  One of my favorite things is to sit on top of the rock in an area that allows the water to flow around me.  When I sit on top of this rock, I feel closer to God than I do in most places.  I believe that beauty around me and the peace that calms my soul, cannot be anything other the hands of God.

Rocky Falls empties out into a great swimming hole that is enjoyed by many.  My children love this place, as well. It is a great place to have a family day of fun.  We usually visit when we go camping.  So, we pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a wonderful summer day.

The only disclaimer that I give is “Spring water is C-O-L-D.”