Feather Fetish

Yesterday, while reading some of the posts in my reader, I came across closedmouth0’s post for writing 101 assignment 7. When I read her post about her experience with her little boys, it reminded me of something that happened when one of my kids were little.

My daughter, Riley, was probably about 3 years old and we got up early to attend church services on a beautiful day.  Typically, kids spend time playing in the churchyard and that day was not any different.  The sun was shining and were certainly feeling the blessings of the Lord that day.

My husband and I were standing around visiting with friends while the kids were playing.  The kids were running in and out of the adult groups laughing and playing the entire time.  I look around and I couldn’t find my little Riley.  I walked around the church to find her and there she stood with her back towards me.

That morning, I had dressed her in a cute little blue corduroy jumper dress that had a little pocket in the front with Winnie the Pooh and Piglet stitched on it.  Riley had her dark brown hair in a ponytail that curled slightly at the ends. When she was little, Riley fell in love with anything that was soft to the touch.  She loved feathers, satin, plush, and soft fleece.  There were many times that she would carry around a soft bath mat or pick a blooming flower just to rub it on her cheek.

Anyway, back to our beautiful Sunday afternoon.  Riley turns around with the little smile and her hand was strategically placed over the pocket on her dress.  I didn’t really think much about it as we walked back around to her dad.  We stopped right in the front of the group as they visited a while longer.  As we stood there, I looked back down and my little darling was still holding her hand over that pocket.  I reached down and removed her hand.  Under her hand, there were a few black feathers poking out the top of the pocket.  I pulled the pocket away from the dress to see what was inside of her pocket and it was nothing other than a dead bird.  She had picked up the dead bird from the churchyard and thought it would be a great treasure.

I love this little girl and her little quirks.  She has always been a free spirit that has big dreams.

The added picture is of this beautiful girl (who is now a young lady) and her handsome older brother (who is now soldier in the National Guard)  So many blessings.

Two of my kiddos (1998)

Two of my kiddos (1998)