The Opposite of Me

One of the most interesting people that I have met recently would have to be a coworker of mine.

At first I didn’t really visit or talk with her much, but as the last year passed that changed.  I also started following this person on social media and got a closer look into her personality; as well as her family.  I was able to see her humorous side.

I believe that this person intrigued me because I felt like she almost had the opposite personality than I have.  She was able to speak her mind and say things without thinking about the repercussions of her words.  She was never viewed as rude or spiteful.  I admired this trait.

I always choose my words carefully when talking with others.  I worry about the way that I come across to people. There are days that I wish could speak my mind or tell someone exactly how I feel about different situations, but I am a people pleaser. It is completely out of my comfort zone to do so.

I admire people who can speak their mind and be bold in different areas of their life.