The Smell of Memories

When I think back to memories from my childhood that revolve around food, it has to be the smells and sounds at my grandmother’s house.  My grandmother was a very small Mexican woman.  I believe at her tallest she was 4′ 11″. We called her Tita.  She never learned how to speak English, but I  enjoyed being at her house and spending time with her.

I can remember sleeping on a blanket pallet on the living room floor under one of her handmade quilts.  I’m not sure how she made her quilts, but I have never used a heavier blanket in my life.  Anyway, I remember slowly waking up and hearing the sounds of her working in the kitchen.

Tita was a typical Mexican woman who worked from the minute she woke up to the minute she laid down to sleep.  She awoke every morning at the break of dawn and the first thing that she would do is make a batch of homemade tortillas.

She made the best tortillas I have ever eaten.  She would cook her tortillas on a cast iron griddle.  I can remember watching the tortillas on the griddle.  They would almost inflate in the middle.  This made them even better.  Then, to eventually get one of her warm homemade tortillas.  There is nothing better.

I have tried to make my own homemade tortillas, but they are not as good as Tita’s.  Her recipe was a pinch of this and a scoop of that.  There were never any real measurements.  So, I have a recipe that I have found that I use that I will share with you.

Marsha’s Tortillas

  • 2 1/2 pounds all purpose flour
  • 1 cup self-rising flour
  • 2 Tablespoons Hot bacon grease or Lard
  • warm water (add a little at a time & mix until dough in not sticky)

Roll out small amounts of dough and grill on skillet until slightly brown.