New Year, New Frame of Mind

2016 is here so I am a strong believer reflecting back in order to make the future better. So, before I begin looking forward, I want to think about the past year.
2015 brought great times but also some difficult situations. My family dynamics have changed over this year. Lane moved out of the house in October and made me realize the reality of him growing up and becoming the man that needs to be. Another shocking moment came when he notified us that we would becoming grandparents. This was completely unexpected and left me speechless for a few days. My husband and I recovered from the shock and are now looking forward to a little girl grand baby in May. Riley and I traveled to Georgia to watch her boyfriend graduate from basic training. This was a highlight but later in the year she gave me the most stress that I have experienced in a long time. There are times in her life that her mental health has been questioned and left her dad and I heartbroken. This is such a larger concern than the normal day to day worries. It is multipled by 10. But we survived and are now back to the normal concerns and worries. After, a long drawn out process, we were finally able to purchase our first home. A huge blessing! 
2016 brings new outlook. A new fresh start to ideals and passions. I need to reevaluate my goals. So, here it goes.
1. I want to get healthier. Not lose weight so much, but take control of my health. Yes, I do need to lose weight but it needs to be the side effect of healthier living.
2. I want to prepare a great life and situation for my new grand baby on the way.
3. I need to get a better grasp on our finances. My husband and I were very young when we married and I was already pregnant. Money has always been a struggle. We didn’t always make the right choices and we have paid for those. Now, is the time to over come our past mistakes.
4. I need to continue to deal with my own mental health by learning that I can’t control everything. Some things are out of my control and that is okay.
5. I want to grow as a professional and continue to grow my experiences. I have goals of where I want to be in my career and I need to continue to take the steps to get there.
6. I want to nurture my relationship with my husband. As our children get older and leave the house, we need to ensure that our love for each stays. Find common interests and hobbies.
7. Finally, but most certainly not least, I need to refocus on my relationship with God. I have fallen short many times and his love is always faithful. I need to take time each day to draw closer to the Lord and talk to him. Then, I need to be sure to be still and listen to his wisdom and guidance in my life everyday.
Whew!!! That will keep me busy. Lots to focus on and lots of areas to grow into the person that I want to be. I invite you on this journey with me. I will be blogging my day to day struggles and hopefully, my victories! 
This is my “Crazy Life” and I love it.  


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