The Almighty Dollar

I choose to believe that there are good people in this world.  I cannot imagine that our world has people that would lie, cheat, steal and connive just to get ahead.  I would like to believe that in the end everyone would do what is good and right.  I would like to believe that someone would led a helping hand to someone in need.  That someone would take the time to be kind just because it is the right thing to do.

I’m not naive to the fact that we do have people who are just unkind. There are people who feel like the world owes them something and they will take it however they can get it. But I would like to think that they good outweighs the bad.

I openly admit that I am a very sensitive person that lets situations overcome me and take control of my thoughts. At times it is hard to escape my thoughts and they really become my worst enemy.

I am very much a type A personality that likes to feel like I have control of every aspect of my life.  If it is not planned, it shouldn’t be happening.  If something veers off of my plans, it truly upsets me to my very core.   I don’t mean the little things that are not life altering.  For example, if I want something for dinner and the grocery store runs out of a vital ingredient.  This is not something life altering.  However, I like to things to run a certain way and follow a certain standard.

Anyway, back to the topic.  I have recently been reminded that there are people in this world that will try to get ahead in life no matter what they have to do.  These people tend to lie in order to get what they want.  They will crush and step on people in order to get there.  The bottom line is money.  Whatever necessary to get money.  It has made me believe that money truly is the root of all evil. This situation has bothered me to the point that this has taken over my thoughts.

I worry about the world we live in.  I worry about how bad the world will get by time my children have children or grandchildren.  I want them to feel like they live a safe world where evil is something that lives across the globe and not in their backyard.

I believe in God and I believe that I must put my faith and trust in him.  God’s will will be done. Regardless, of those that spread hatred and distrust.  I also wonder how long God will let them evil world continue.  How does today’s world compare to Sodum and Gomorrah?

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