Strike Two!

I have recently posted Strike One on my blog about a time that we went camping.  Please take a moment and read that post before reading Strike Two.

So, as we were standing around trying to figure out where in the world our tent poles could be, our older children decided to ride their bikes around the campground.  This was something that they were allowed to do because they were older and they always traveled in groups.  When they left, we were finally erecting the extra tent that our friends had loaned us.

I turned around to see what our little one was doing and realized that he was no where to be found.  This is literally to moment that my heart stopped.  I was frantically searching everywhere for him.  Everyone stopped what they were doing and immediately looked for our little guy.  Being as we were close to the river, my concern was that he had made it down to the river.  I immediately ran down and searched without any sign. My mind started going over the million things that could have happened to him. Each second that passed made me even more frantic.

On my way back from the river, I see my husband carrying my son in the distance.  My emotions took over and the tears began to roll down my cheeks.  The relief that I felt overcame me. My husband found him walking down the road of the campground.  He had been trying to get the older children as they rode off on their bikes.

This is truly a mother’s worst nightmare.  The fear that I felt and the not knowing plus the worst case scenarios running through my mind made this an unforgettable moment.

That was our Strike Two for the camping trip.  Stay tuned for Strike Three.  It will be coming soon.


2 thoughts on “Strike Two!

  1. I have always hated camping! My dad used to take me when I was younger so I can “feel” the frustration from your post – being out in the middle of forest can make it easy to get lost. I’m so glad you found your son!


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