Strike One!

Our family usually takes one camping trip in the summer time. However, that hadn’t always been the case.  It was probably about 8 years ago that some friends of ours invited us to go camping with their family.

We were very excited about going camping.  We had only been one time before about 5 years prior to that and it was so miserably hot that we ended up packing up early and headed home to the A/C.  Our friends are avid campers and I think that I could describe them as “professional campers.’  I was in awe of all the camping equipment that they set up.  It was pretty amazing.

However, when the camping trip began it did not quite start off on the right foot.  We had borrowed a tent from my brother since we didn’t have one.  So when we arrived at camp, we began to unload everything and set up camp.  It didn’t take long for us to encounter the 1st of 3 bad experiences on that trip.  We got the tent out and started to set it up and realized quickly that the tent poles were not in the bag.  So, there we stood with a very flat tent and no way to raise the roof.

Luckily, our friends had an extra tent that we were able to borrow.  So, strike one tried to ruin our trip, but we persevered.

Coming soon…..Strike Two!


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